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Death. The taboo topic, the one most of us avoid yet it is the one absolute certainty in all of our lives yet we carry on as if we are immortal! Most people spend an inordinate amount of time pouring over their investment strategies and plans yet they do not give any thought to what [...]




In the ideal world all investment decisions will result in equal returns for all investors, sadly this is not the case and most investors are oblivious to the fact that the manner in which they structure their investments can have a major impact and outcome in their fortunes. We do not have the proverbial crystal [...]

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Once your trust is registered the process of transferring your assets starts!!


The trust is now registered and the bank account opened. The next step is to transfer those fully paid up assets and cash currently held in an individuals capacity so as to divest the individual of ownership and in so doing protect the assets from potential creditors. Assets can be sold or transferred to the [...]

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Marriage and trusts


By Shiniade Kenworthy When determining how to structure your Trust Deed one needs to realise the implications that the marriage system in existence between the Trustees has on how the trust is created. Marriages are governed by the Matrimonial Property Act 88 of 1984. This Act allows for three different marital systems. One can either [...]

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How divorce will affect your trusts


By Ronel du Preez As unpleasant as it may be, divorce is unfortunately a possibility that must be faced and, accordingly it is a factor that we must keep in mind when establishing a trust. One of the benefits of having assets owned by a trust is that these assets will then be protected from [...]

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Maximising the benefits of your trust structure


A hearty greeting from the iProtect team, we trust that you are all well and prospering amidst the winter and economic chill. It has become apparent to us that many of our members are not properly and in many instances not maximizing the use and benefits of their structures. The reasons are many and varied [...]

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Insolvency & trusts


By Ronel du Preez Once a trust has been set up and registered, the process of transferring assets into that trust can begin. The process of transferring assets will be either by way of donation or sale, and where necessary the transfer will be registered ( for instance your house). The “trusts property” must always [...]

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Should Commercial Property be held in a trust?


By Shiniade Kenworthy In previous articles the benefits of owning residential investment properties in a trust have been detailed. Do those benefits apply to commercial property? Firstly, what is commercial property? Commercial property includes property such as agricultural land, an apartment block (consisting of more than five units), hotels, land for property development, industrial premises, [...]

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Are shelf trusts valid


By Chanelle Botha Trust Consultant: Delgado Velosa Kenworthy & Associates In terms of South African trust law, the essentials for the formation of a valid trust is that the trust object must be sufficiently certain and lawful. The object of the trust can be personal or impersonal and may consist for the benefit of one [...]

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Your trust and offshore investments


The nature, benefits and availability of off-shore investments becomes increasingly attractive to South African investors. Investing in an off-shore portfolio means diversifying risk in terms of currency and a country’s political and economic stability. Investors are no longer limited to a local market but have the choice of investing where they perceive the best opportunities [...]

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