Ask any family member or friend who was appointed as executor of an estate and who attempted to administer such, if they found it a walk-in-the-park!

The law relating to administration of estate in South Africa has been developed over years and primarily ensures protection to both creditors and beneficiaries. In order to provide this protection, numerous procedures have to be followed which are of necessity, but time consuming, and it is not always possible to provide an accurate estimate of the time the administration of a particular estate is likely to take, as this will depend upon the nature and extend of the estate, the information and documentation provided by the next of kin and any unforeseen complications.

Years of professional experience ensures this task is accomplished with the minimum of fuss and time. Costs can be negotiated and adjusted.

We also take on the task of executorship on request of an appointed executor who is not our company, on a 2/3rd  1/3rd basis. This service is called our EXECUTOR EXCHANGE PROGRAM.