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A trust is a legal persona established between a Founder and Trustees for the benefit of beneficiaries. The role of the Trustees is all important due to the fact the Trustees are effectively the custodians and stewards of the assets held by the Trust. The Trustees accordingly decide what assets are received, acquired, sold and when any benefits and distributions will be made to eligible beneficiaries.

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Aside from the traditional role that is envisaged of a Trustee the Master of the High Court has issued a ruling requiring that all Trusts must have an Independent Trustee on the Trust, save for exceptional circumstances. It is now a fait accompli that this requirement must be met. In the Master’s directive in order to qualify as an Independent Trustee the person must be an unrelated third party that has experience in trust matters.

The role of the Independent Trustee can be fraught with exposure to numerous parties including but not limited to SARS, banks, creditors, beneficiaries and a number of other vagaries and understandably not many people wish to undertake the Independent Trustee role and if they are prepared to accept the position, the fees and costs can be exorbitant or based on a percentage of the assets held by the trust, the latter model in our view is inequitable and very expensive.
iProtect has pioneered a fixed fee solution that is transparent and one of the lowest in the marketplace.
Fees aside, it is imperative that the Independent Trustee is knowledgeable and has expertise in a number of areas that the Trust will require guidance and assistance in, namely:
  • Legal (corporate, commercial, insolvency, divorce, litigation etc).
  • Tax (planning and advice).
  • Operationally (acquisition and sale of assets, resolutions, proxies, agreements and documents etc).
  • Administration and compliance.
  • Accounting oversight.
  • Dispute resolution.
  • Continuity.

“I have been a client of iProtect group for around 14 years, and have found them to be professional and helpful in my interaction with them. Their advice, in terms of trust legal matters, is sound and thorough.”

Geoff Thomson

“iProtect helped me set up solid business and property structures that protects me from creditors’ claims outside of my control as well as reducing high tax liabilities, the burden of death and have optimised my succession planning”

Neale Petersen

Trusteeship and fiduciary made simple

iProtect Advisory representatives that will act as the Independent Trustee to a Trust are experts and specialist Attorneys with legal, commercial, accounting, administration, and tax experience. This ensures that the Trust will receive expert advice and guidance in all the areas listed above in comparison to many Trustees who only have skills in one or a few of the above areas which will result in the Trust facing extra costs and charges to navigate any one of the areas listed above.
We have over 25 years of experience in this field and based on this we noted the dire need for proper administration which prompted us to develop a system, iProtect Exchange, that allows our clients to manage their structures, assets, investments, expenditure and letters of wishes via our digital platform. To demonstrate our commitment to our clients in ensuring that they correctly plan their estates we offer a 0% executor’s fee service. This is a world first! Click here for further information.

At iProtect we pioneer and innovate solutions to ensure that administering and utilising a Trust is made simple by cutting through the complexities of a myriad of laws, taxes and compliance issues.

Our fixed fees vs the incumbents


Competitor Trustee

The middle men that ad a huge markup without adding value

Value = R20m
Trustee @ 0.5-3% or hourly = R???

Trusteeship and Fiduciary Services

No hidden costs
hourly rates
% based fees

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Banks use variable costs and hourly rates, leaving you vulnerable to hidden costs.

Value = R20m
Bank trustee @ 2% = R400K

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