The office and responsibilities of a Independent Trustee is an onerous one and a fairly recent directive from the Master’s office make it mandatory that a trust should have such a person to make it a legal and compliant entity. There is a list of requirements that such a position needs to fulfil. We take on this role in conjunction with that of Trust Administrators.

Since 2004 the role of Independent Trustee has become an integral part of Trust law. A directive was issued to the various Masters Offices throughout the country to insist on the appointment of an independent outsider as Trustee to every Trust in which the Trustees are beneficiaries and the beneficiaries are all related to one another. It follows therefore that the independent Trustee role cannot be taken lightly.

iProtect Trustees understands the importance of this role and has the infrastructure to ensure that our role is not merely a pseudo one but rather one of legitimate and active participation. It is not sufficient to merely have an Independent Trustee appointed to the Board, he/she must be active in the administration of the Trust. To ensure this, your communication with iProtect, to regularly update and communicate with us is key in ensuring that the trust is properly administered.